Healthy life: 7 Tips for the Busy Executive

busy executive

The most successful  and business executives did not get there by chance. Achieving great things in business and life as a whole involves perseverance and hard work.

It also involves a supportive network of family and friends. However, another ingredient should typically go into the mix- discipline.

Actions speak much louder than words in the game and business of success. The same speaks for connections and opportunities as well.

Consider the importance of the daily habits you maintain, for example: running through five miles each morning because of the need to remain fit and healthy?

Watching about three hours of television each night because of the need to escape and relax your thoughts? Most certainly and with every atom of truth, your achievement in life is dependent on the actions you take. Here are 7 Tips for the Busy Executive: Continue reading

7 Ways to Create a Healthy Work Environment

healthy work environment

It is necessary and good to have a healthy workplace environment for your company. Having a healthy workplace/environment goes a long way to reduce cost and improve productivity. These costs could be as a result of employee turnover, absenteeism, medical claims and workers’ compensation.

A healthy, comfortable and happy work environment is necessary for your staff, the surprising thing is that it can be realized without spending so much as a fortune. It also boosts employee morale and productivity as they acknowledge and appreciate the time spent in the office.

The employees will care better for the company when they know that the company is working in their interest. The best assets in any organization are the employees. Putting effort into the wellness of the employee will increase productivity, encourage better teamwork, and also reduce workplace accidents and sick leave.

The following are effective ways to create and ensure a healthy work environment for your employees. Continue reading

4 Secrets to Achieving and Maintaining Work-Life Balance

In this world where more people get themselves involved in roles that could as well be considered as “always on” jobs, in what way do people achieve work-life balance and also maintain this balance? In what way do organizations and leaders promote the balance way of life? I have to admit that this task is quite a challenge.

Virtually every day, thousands, millions and billions of people keep wrestling with these questions. In the same vein, several leaders also ponder on the solutions to this quagmire.

As a manager, helping people find work-life balance is quite important. Very few persons have attained this and several of them are still struggling with it.

Some years ago, I was the ambassador for poor-balance behavior. Once, I had a sign right in front of my office, it read “do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today”. I started being the boss of the 3 a.m. emails, I began to wear my 20 hour days for seven days a week ethic as a work badge of honor. Continue reading