7 Ways to Create a Healthy Work Environment

healthy work environment

It is necessary and good to have a healthy workplace environment for your company. Having a healthy workplace/environment goes a long way to reduce cost and improve productivity. These costs could be as a result of employee turnover, absenteeism, medical claims and workers’ compensation.

A healthy, comfortable and happy work environment is necessary for your staff, the surprising thing is that it can be realized without spending so much as a fortune. It also boosts employee morale and productivity as they acknowledge and appreciate the time spent in the office.

The employees will care better for the company when they know that the company is working in their interest. The best assets in any organization are the employees. Putting effort into the wellness of the employee will increase productivity, encourage better teamwork, and also reduce workplace accidents and sick leave.

The following are effective ways to create and ensure a healthy work environment for your employees.

1. A happy employee is a productive employee:

It is in the company’s interest to keep the staff happy. Those who find fun in their jobs are more likely to engage thoroughly in the work process. When employee welfare is not in place, resentment building in the hearts of employees will begin to have an impact on the quality of work and this could further result in employee turnover.

2. Get healthy:

If the work environment is office-based, there is the tendency that employees may begin to lead a sedentary lifestyle and this could lead to various long-term illnesses.

Even if it means subsidizing the cost to see to it that they are enrolled in a local gym or registering them for the Government’s Green Transport Initiative where they are provided with tax-free bicycles, encourage your employees to get active.

Also encourage them to look good and feed healthy as this will provide a good image for the company. A skin care product with vitamin c component will do so much to ensure that your employees look their best boosting the overall company’s image.

3. Comply with health and safety legislation:

This should not be regarded as an extra cost because as a norm legally you are obligated to comply with certain rules such as taking a risk assessment test, identify hazards in the work environment and ensure basic comfort at all levels.

The minimum workplace standards should include adequate sanitation, sufficient ventilation, and access to drinking water.

4. Are you sitting comfortably?

According to a research conducted by CBI (Confederation of British Industry), back pain is a major cause of absenteeism in the United Kingdom.

It, therefore, makes real sense to invest in certain office equipment designed to provide maximum comfort to those that sit in front of computers no matter the length of time.

For example, ergonomic mouse or keyboard will do a lot to avoid RSI (Repetitive strain injury). This occurs when the same movement is repeated e.g. when a mouse is clicked several times.

5. Engage with different personalities:

The workplace is a mix of characters. Each employee has his individual preference. What works to motivate one employee might not necessarily work to motivate the other.

Know your employees better, know if they need to be effectively monitored and followed up or if independence will suit them better.

6. Set out a clear and fair staff policy:

You should be careful to ensure that there is no evidence of bias among the employees. When a manager fails to do his job as effectively and efficiently as he should, you should take the same disciplinary measure as you would if it were a junior employee.

If this is not the case, resentment will begin to build in the hearts of the individuals. Also, if the organization policy changes see to it that everyone is informed of it.

Encourage managerial responsibility:

Managers are the executors in the company as such; they should be an example and set the standard to their teams in the mannerism with which they execute their jobs and the way they conduct themselves in the place of work.

Harassment, bullying, and favoritism should be unacceptable.

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