4 Secrets to Achieving and Maintaining Work-Life Balance

In this world where more people get themselves involved in roles that could as well be considered as “always on” jobs, in what way do people achieve work-life balance and also maintain this balance? In what way do organizations and leaders promote the balance way of life? I have to admit that this task is quite a challenge.

Virtually every day, thousands, millions and billions of people keep wrestling with these questions. In the same vein, several leaders also ponder on the solutions to this quagmire.

As a manager, helping people find work-life balance is quite important. Very few persons have attained this and several of them are still struggling with it.

Some years ago, I was the ambassador for poor-balance behavior. Once, I had a sign right in front of my office, it read “do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today”. I started being the boss of the 3 a.m. emails, I began to wear my 20 hour days for seven days a week ethic as a work badge of honor.

Suddenly, something funny happened. I discovered that I had become a much better manager, leader, employee, friend and wife after I began to focus on achieving and maintaining balance.

From then on, I lived a healthier, happier, and a more productive Life. Guess what, my output was not compromised.

In order to help managers, employees and entrepreneurs attain the right balance, subscribe to these 4 ways to achieve and maintain a life-work balance. There isn’t a one size fits approach, but, these tips will most definitely lead to a productive discussion for both managers and employees.

Be open about your needs.

In other to live a fulfilled life, the first thing you have to do to discover exactly what matters to you and talk about it. You should be open about it, do not hide it or expect those around to guess what the problem is.

If you need to leave work before 6 p.m. because you want to sit with your family at dinner, say it. Perhaps, you need to take a break at 12 p.m. so you can attend a yoga class? Whatever it is that matters to you, it is expedient that you discover it and become transparent about it.

As an employee, you need to have an open dialogue with your manager and managers as well need to understand what it is that works and is possible. Although different jobs mean different approaches, everyone will benefit from an open and honest conversation about what balance means.

Respect boundaries.

If boundaries are not respected, then balance cannot be put in place. It might be hard at first but it is expedient that you stick to it and develop a routine. This will help you drive away a lifestyle and culture of predictability.

In the process of doing this, you will discover that something else can be done in place of the boundary disrespecting idea. It could be another email you have to reply or a problem you have to work out. The fact remains that you have to personally identify and respect your boundaries otherwise, others will infringe on them.

Understand what really matters.

Quite a number of persons spend time on what doesn’t really matter. Time is a valuable commodity in life, so do not waste any time. Spend time on what matters to you. What will move the needle for your business? Is your work centered on priorities set to achieve the business goal or are you beating around the bush?

Your health is another factor to be considered. It takes a healthy man to do a healthy job. Your health should be topmost on your priority list. Drink enough water, even during work hours. A detox water recipe will be of great help to make the whole routine fun and relaxing for you.

Scrutinize your day and label every second, minute and hour to work on generating the best of outputs. This may however require a certain degree of structure and planning, but it’s worth it in the end.

Pace yourself

You need to grasp, understand and appreciate the value of pace to have a healthy, long, happy, and productive life and career. Several times, you might need to throttle up and other times you might just have to throttle down.

It is crucial that you become aware of yourself as doing so will not only guarantee your reaching the destination but also enjoying the journey.


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